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#19 OMG ! Pink Fuel !!!

Hello, today I'll show you Pink Fuel's skin Elle in milk tone. This skin is just adorable ! It comes with light,dark and red eyebrows, with and without freckles. Pure face has no lashes option. I cant imagine how much time Mochi Milena spent working on Elle. There are 22 single makeups with all options,also 4 different eyebrow shapers. Each single makeup comes with 4 folders of lipsticks, each lipstick with and without teeth. I cant count all these things and i really hope i didnt miss anything. This skin is really a must-have :-)
42-Pink Fuel-Elle
Single makeups
32-Pink Fuel-Elle-Single makeups 1
33-Pink Fuel-Elle-Single makeups 2
34-Pink Fuel-Elle-Single makeups 3

And lipsticks !
35-Pink Fuel-Lipsticks 1
36-Pink Fuel-Lipsticks 2
37-Pink Fuel-Lipsticks 3
38-Pink Fuel-Lipsticks 4
39-Pink Fuel-Lipsticks 5
40-Pink Fuel-Lipsticks 6
41-Pink Fuel-Lipsticks 7

Run to PINK FUEL !

Also used. Hair from TRUTH in snow named Odette and tank top from Action

Thursday, August 25, 2011

#18 Diktator

Hello, today the day of shoes ! Diktator day ! I am so excited with realism which have Diktator's shoes. Come with alpha layers,foot shapers,invisible prims, for slim legs and muscular. Diktator think of all girl though :-) Hud is very easy. You have to spend less than a minute to tint sculpt foot to your skin. Post about shoes but i couldnt not to show you Jadis V2 from Glam Affair again :P

25 Diktator
26 Jadis

Diktator shoes- Chic in Black & gold
27 Chic-Black-gold

Inna in black ,pink and yellow V1
28 Inna -BlackPinkYellow V1

Inna in black,pink and yellow V2 (you get both versions)
29 Inna-BlackPinkYellow V2

Heat in black. Just adorable !
30 Heat black

And Heat in nude !
31 Heat nude

Run and try these shoes, there much more colours at Diktator mainstore or on marketplace,free demo available!
Try HUD demo to make sure it fits well if you wear VERY light skin.

And also used..Hair. Trudy from Action in naughty tone.Posh dress in skin tone from Crazy

#17 More Glam Affair !

Still starring at my new skin Jadis V2 by Glam Affair. Tried different viewers today to take picture with shadows. Have pixelated shadows on viewer 2. Strange all was ok 2 days ago. Dont know what happened. Also took few pics with Kirsten's viewer and noticed that for me shadows there too blured and i couldnt fix it half part day. And also im very laggy on Kirsten's. But very good interface there. The last viewer i tried was Firestorm viewer. And yay! Works fast and shadows so amazing. No lags at all ! Just would be great to have option to remove side bar as in Kirsten's. Well.Here my pictures taken on Firestorm. Not PS editted. Just cut, made a frame and changed the shape of my upper lip a bit. So what you see is what you get if you buy this pretty Glam Affair Jadis V2 skin and adorable long hair Jenna from Exile.

24 Jadis

23 Jadis

Which one do you like better? Second one is best for my taste :-)

#16 Glam Affair - Jadis V2

Hello !Today i show you newest face of Glam Affair- Jadis V2. This skin with something special. Come within 11 makeups and clean face, all with and without hairbase, blondy and brunette eyebrows, also there 4 eyebrow shapers, 3 pubic hair options ! I show Jadis V2 in medtan tone.

22-Glam Affair-Jadis 2

20- Glam Affair-Jadis 2-makeups
21-Glam Affair-Jadis 2-makeups

Also you get a notecard with Skin tones values and numbers for Maitreya's bare feet. I think is very useful!

Also shown Exile hair-Sasha, Crazy clothes Momo dress and Ricielli earrings from TDR

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just my portrait. Glam Affair skin Contessa from TDR, Exile Serana hair, Natural Beauty lipgloss


#14 Chic Boutique

Here some items from curent Chic Boutique collection ! Malinka skin by Natural Beauty with Ocean eyeshadows and fabulous top by Divine ! Necklace by I<3Fashion from there too.Undies from Kyoot.Hair from Lelutka :-)



Favorite look ! Skin from Dutch Touch, VIP exclusive-Sterre in fudge. LOVE! Hair-Exile ,named Serana,just perfect for pictures and for inworld use. Dress- my favorite from Iren - Mrs Louise in black. Heart pedant and Amber shoes in black from Label Mode.Natural Beauty shape-Viva and teeth from there too.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Something casual. Skin-Laq, Hair-Sasha by Exile, dress from Tulip named Forever, bolero from there too.Named Disconnected in sand.Heart pedant, Elle earrings and Ava boots in floral from Label Mode. Shape from Natural Beauty as well as french manicure (group gift).


Sunday, August 21, 2011


Beach look. Beach dress from Koketka, feet from Maitreya, Magika's Luna hair, Heart pedant from Label Mode and skin fro LAQ-Olivia.


Hi again! Love this look.Wear Laq skin Olivia in nougat.. Should i write that all the time? I dont gona change the skin yet . Eyeliner and shape by Natural Beauty,hair-fine from Kik,skirt from Cheerno. Blair shirt in blue,earrings Elle,necklace Heart pedant and Amber shoes in sky from Label Mode. There so soft jewels,looks very realistic and stunning.Check it out.

#9 Hides

Skin from PXL Gaya in tan,eyes Angelina from Redgrave


Hello,new day and new look ! I wear Laq skin Olivia in nougat, Hair Nadja from Maitreya,Eyeliner and shape from Natural Beauty.Blouse and skirt from League.Necklace, named Gabrielle pendant and boots Ava in cream from Label Mode